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    Supported travel and social events for young adults on the autism spectrum or with hidden disabilities.

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    Meet new People, Explore new Places

    Never travelled without family and would like to become more independent? Or just want to meet people, or travel more? 

    Explore our range of group trips, or ask for a tailored trip based on your interests.

    Explore our social group with a range of events, such as paddle boarding, VR game room, hikes, bar nights and more (currently available in Sydney).

    Choose from our events, and grow your confidence while building connections.


    Travengers was launched in January 2020,
    after many years of frustration with the lack of understanding and social opportunities for young people who are different,
    including our founder Agnes’ younger sister Elise.

    Through travelling, we give access to positive life experiences and growth, and we advocate on our way.

    Since then, we’ve done 17 trips away, and over 120 social group events and Virtual Travel Group events.

    What our Customers are saying

    My 18yo son Mitch had such a fantastic time on the trip away last weekend! Highlights for him were meeting new people, being out and about more, and just generally hanging out with others around his age. So glad we have found Travengers!!!”

    Rebecca G., Mother

    “Travengers organised a fabulous trip to Perth visiting the highlights:- the city centre, Rottnest Island and fabulous Fremantle with its iconic markets and Little Creatures Brewery. Travengers is fantastic at organising, ensuring at all times the freedom and individual needs and desires of the client. Highly recommend this organisation”.

    Robyn D., Mother

    “Travengers is a fantastic way to meet people and make friends while travelling. Learn new things and share new experiences. A great fun, and positive people to be with. Happy and fun travelling, I have so many friends that I met through Travengers”.

    Lisa G., Traveller

    For Self-Managed and Plan Managed NDIS participants and others.