Team of Support Guides


Bruno Andreoni

Support Guide
Bruno is originally from Brazil, he loves connecting with other cultures and can speak 4 languages. Bruno has been a Support Worker since 2017 and is really passionate about it. Bruno says he finds it so rewarding helping people achieve their goals and being able to participate in the community.


Dayanny Bergmann

Support Guide
Dayanny a Psychologist from Brazil, and studied Diploma of Counselling & Mental Health in Australia. She has worked as a Support Worker all over Sydney sine 2019. She finds it simply amazing to be able to bring her positivity, good energy and passion amongst all the beautiful people she has had the pleasure to work with.


Siobhra Brown

Support Guide
Siobhra has been a Disability Worker for 6 years and enjoys travelling and seeing the world. Siobhra also enjoys meeting new people and supporting individuals achieve and strive for an amazing independent lifestyle. She is a very friendly and down to earth person and shares a bubbly and funny personality.

Caitlin O’Callaghan

Support Guide
Caitlin is studying Social Work and loves exploring new places and meeting new people. She is passionate about working with people from all walks of life.

Jordan Breen

Support Guide
She relocated from Tasmania to Sydney and is passionate about Disability Support, Mental Health and Equal Opportunity for all, and has been in the Disability Sector for the past 7 years. Jordy has a sunny smile and caring nature and looks forward to helping travellers reach their goals and have new experiences!​​​​​​​​


Support Guide
Simona (she/her) is a neurodivergent, CALD-identifying mental health support worker passionate about working with neurodiverse youth and is completely convinced neurodiversity is the ultimate superpower in a super-homogenised world. She is also a creative, a violinist who is interested in all things multidisciplinary / experimental art, body intelligence + biology, who is also currently studying acupuncture.

Tash Allen

Support Guide
"I’m Tash! I’ve been a support worker for 5 years, and I love being active! Cheerleading is my favourite sport, and I also love singing, baking and being creative. I recently finished a Bachelor of Advanced Science at Macquarie University, and this year, I’m starting a new degree in Paramedicine at Charles Sturt University."

Grace Faulder

Support Guide
Grace is a Blue Mountains local who loves nothing more than spending time in nature! She loves spending time outdoors, and can’t wait to explore Australia and the world. Grace is a passionate disability advocate and wants to help others to travel, meet new people, and achieve their goals. Grace is a 3rd year Occupational Therapy student at USYD, and can’t wait to join the Travengers Team and have amazing adventures with all the people she meets along the way!