Travengers’ social group and group trips are suitable for young adults (15-35’s) who are autistic or have mild intellectual disabilities, or other social support needs. If you also want to become more independent, social, confident, or get more out of life, then our trips might be for you.

Our group trips and social groups are most suitable for:

– Young adults with low support needs (quite independent, but need some support – often ASD level 1 or 2, or mild intellectual disabilities)

We can also create personalised group trips or 1:1 tailored trips for:

– Young adults or older adults with moderate support needs (ASD level 2 or 3, or mild to moderate learning disabilities).

We currently do not provide support for direct personal care or manual handling, or other medical support, 
except for medication prompting and epilepsy support. We might however be able to help you find organisations with a different expertise.

We provide a range of skill building activities when we travel or attend social groups. These may include:

– cooking
– choosing healthy food or trying new food
– paying by using cash or credit card, and budgeting
– getting around and using public transport, using apps such as Google maps
– social skills, and practising conversation and problem solving
– packing
– personal hygiene 
– challenging yourself by trying new things
– becoming more confident meeting new people or trying new activities
– practice independence by being away from your usual surroundings and routines.

Your Support Guide will work as a mentor as well as a travel companion.

One of Travengers’ principal focus areas is sparking independence and growth apart from family. Instead, you can bring a carer you already know and trust. 

We also know that building independence can be a process, and that the family wants to create memories together too. We are therefore happy to discuss providing Support Workers for your family trip. 

Quite possibly!
We know that sometimes it’s daunting joining new environments or groups, and we are therefore as flexible as possible.
Because of insurances, we need to use our own Support Workers. However, if you would like your own Support Worker to come along too, we can discuss this with you or the worker and possibly organise it for your trip.

Prices depend on the support ratio, the size of the group, the length of the trip, your activities, and other variables.
Our trips include everything on your trip, except pocket money and travel insurance.
Get in touch with our friendly team and get a quote.
We try our best to accommodate budget options where requested.

If you have NDIS funding, you are most likely able to pay for a large part of your trip with your NDIS. How much and how depends on what you have in your package. Ask us for advice, or your Support Coordinator or Plan Manager if you have one.

If using NDIS funding, we accommodate NDIS participants who are self-managed or plan managed. 

Yes. Quality and safety are important to us, and our Support Workers have relevant experience as well as holding a Working With Children Check, Police Check and First Aid Certificate, as well as 2 reference checks.

We also make sure all guides are passionate about this type of work!

It is highly recommended that you hold your own travel insurance. Travengers is not liable for loss, damage or injury that happens during a tour where it is usually covered by travel insurance.

If you are doing specific activities during your trip, ask your travel insurer if you are covered for this or not. If you have a medical condition, it is a good idea to check if your condition is covered by your insurance. We also recommend discussing with your doctor before travelling, especially overseas or where there are high-risk activities involved.

Yes. Travengers is flexible and we can change itineraries and activities based on your interests, or we can create a bespoke itinerary for you.

You don’t even need to know where or when, we will listen and ask about your interests, and come up with suitable suggestions.

If you have different preferences of accommodation than listed in an itinerary we can modify this as well

Prices are based on shared rooms, but you can request to have a private room for an additional cost.

Travengers is a travel service focusing on social connection, growth and independence for young adults who often fall in between the mainstream groups and other disability groups. It is created by young people, for young people.
We create age-appropriate trips and focus on social inclusion in tourism, heavily focused on autism and hidden disabilities. 

We have a network of people interested in travelling, and try our best to connect with like-minded people.
We’re passionate about acceptance and appreciation of autism and hidden disabilities, and our goal is to pave a way for inclusive tourism, especially in regards to hidden disabilities. 

If you’re younger or older than 15-35, we may still be able to arrange a trip for you. Get in touch, and we’re happy to have a chat!

No, NDIS does not cover your flights. Flights are packaged in the total cost, but we will let you know how much must be self-funded for each trip. The same applies for certain activities.

That’s okay! 

We can help you organise flights/transport to meet the group.

We have for example helped organise travellers from Melbourne meet the group in Auckland with support from the airline, 
or a traveller from Cairns to meet the group on the Gold Coast. 

If we are doing a trip to your state, you can also join us for one of the activities or the full trip. 

We are planning on setting up social groups across the country, so sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop.

We also have a virtual travel group you can join from anywhere via Zoom! 
For details, go to the page “Virtual Travel Group”. 

Or book a Zoom call to get help organising your next trip! 

Have other questions?
Shoot us an email below.